FAQ’s About Lice and Nits

WHEN to look:

  • If recently exposed to head lice, twice weekly
  • If recently had head lice, daily for 2 weeks
  • Whenever the head itches

WHO should be checked?

  • Each person living in the household

WHERE to look:

  • Where it itches
  • At the nape of the neck, around and above the ears, at the crown of the head
  • Then through the entire head from top to bottom

WHAT to look for:

  • Live lice and nits (lice eggs)

What do lice LOOK LIKE?

  • About the size of a sesame seed
  • Clear tan to dark red-brown in colour and move quickly, especially from light

What do lice eggs (nits) LOOK LIKE?

  • About the size of a grain of sand, opal or translucent in colour
  • Don’t confuse with dandruff and hair products, which may be easily moved by blowing or whisking
  • Nits are firmly attached to the hair shaft. These are lice eggs.

Do lice move?

  • Lice crawl very fast from light. They do not fly.
  • Nits do not move. They are firmly attached to the hair shaft.

How can they be found?

  • LOOK – using bright light or sunlight (next to a window)
  • USE – disposable sticks (pencil, toothpick, etc.) to part hair in small sections and look carefully for small nits
  • MOST COMMON AREAS are behind the ears, at the nape of the neck and around forehead
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